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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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punishment two days after a courtroom shocker. >> reporter: we'll have the latest on the shooting and the investigation and what neighbors are saying. >> reporter: we're live in la pay yet where crews are making progress on a water main break. look at this. this commute into the city is horrible. more coming up. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. casey an hoe 1 thoughmy is not walking away pre. a judge sentenced her to four
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years inrien. she will get credit for the three years served. she will go free in late july, early august. she lied about working at the theme park, about the nanny and about leaving the girl with friends. there as a result of those four separate an distinct lies, law enforcement expenned a great deal of time -- expended a great deal of time, energy and manpower looking for young caylee marie anthony. >> a jury acquitted anthony in the killing of her 2-year-old daughter. she's expected to face financial and legal challenges. the state of florida is holing a hearing to find out --
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holding a hearing to find out how much to charge her. well, a water main broke last night at mount diablo boulevard and ville an center -- village center. teartear -- tara? >> reporter: you can see east bay m.u.d. officials sort of looking down. they are inspecting the break. they will be replacing that line with this section 6 blue line that you see -- of blue line on the sidewalk. just to give you an idea of how intense the water pressure was. authorities tell us that this is an 8-inch cast iron water main break. it left more than 100 people in the area without water. the pipe burst last night around 10:30 right at the
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corner of mount diablo anvillage center drive -- and ville an center drive. the -- village center drive. >> i threw my shoes on an went to run -- and went to run through the living room and there was probably 5 inches of water. >> reporter: so the workers will be here por the next few hours -- for the next few hour until they get the pipes fixed. >> this a -- this is a very residential area. tara mori arty, ktvu channel 2 news -- tara morty tara mor tara moriarty. and there was a shooting last night on the trail where
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christien kafton is. here's more. >> reporter: police are still at the scene. we've noticed a couple of neighbors who have come down an had to be turned away. investigators are still look for the shooter in this case. ktvu has been talking with pittsburg police overnight. crews responded to the delta deanza running trail around 8:45 last night. crews found the man with a gunshot wound. no word on his condition. we're hearing the victim was possibly shot in the head. this is the latest attack on the string of violence. in may, a man was shot about where i'm staning. neighbors say sometimes they feel unsafe walking in the area. >> i think it's not enough
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during the day. >> reporter: pittsburg police were the first to reupon. we are hearing that east bay regional police detectives will be out here later on this morning to pick up this investigation. back to you. >> all right. thank you. 7:04. well, jaycee dugard is saying she appreciates the freedom she now has after spenning 18 years in -- spending 1 years in can'tivety. she gave her -- 18 years in captivity. she gave her first interview. she says she still has trouble believing she can walk into the next room and see her mother or hop in the car and go to the beach with her two daughters who were fared by her -- fathered by her kidnapper, phillip garrido.
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he was sentenced to life in prison last month. in martinez, a man who tried to outrun the police after a series of bizarre events is in critical condition. he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest yesterday. police were called after the man started acting strangely. they say he first locked himself in a city employee's car an then he got out an started to chase a train on foot. the man tried to outrun the police. that's when he collapsed. he's now recovering in a hospital. a lawsuit claims jerry deal who owns j. deal associates, midway through the project, the couple of's contractor told
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them the foundation and existing home were not strong enough to support the add chris. support -- support the existing -- addition. swab table could get a sidewalk permit for -- sidewalk tables for cafes. you can get a permit for as little as $50. the examiner reports 11 of 14 vehicles parked outside of the bus yard had those placards. operators were coming an going to the vehicles. drivers have to be in good health for their job and they
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will be investigating, possible abuse of those disability placards. we want to check in with sal castanedo, keeping a close eye on the commute for us this morning. >> hello, tori an dave. we have a problem -- and dave. we have a problem. this moodied lar office slip -- moodied lar office slipped off the trailer. here northbound 101 coming up to eastbound 0, usually three lanes and -- 0 usually three -- 80 usually three lanes. northbound 101 traffic is very slow. this is gonna take them sometime to get this out of here. we do not suggest using 101. if you want to get on the freeway, want to get on the bridge, you can do -- you can do that. make sure you don't get on 101.
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get on the bridge downtown on fulsom first, that area there. don't get on the 101 and expect to get on the bridge in quick time. that's what's going on there. the bay bridge westbound, that traffic seems okay coming up to the toll plaza. if you are driving in contra costa county, clearing an accident on west g street, on the east side, it looks pretty good driving out to the macarthur maze. we're looking at traffic in hey war, 0 southbound, slowing down -- 880 been slowing down. let's go to steve. we have sunshine for many but hear is a big fog bank out there. san jose looking for low 80s. the system is moving in and that will allow the -- allow the fog to lift. along the coast it will be a foggy morning. upper 50s, low os.
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for the bay -- low 60s. inland it will still be warm to hot. upper os 180s -- 80s. you can see the increase in the fog. it's been there for a couple of days. really good thunderstorm activity popping up over the sierra all the way down to southern california. some pretty good thunder bumpers down toward riverside county and san bernardino, caused some flooding. some higher clouds may wrap up an visit us. 50s an 60s. fair feel is still 66. but santa rosa, -- fairfield is still 66. santa rosa, a quart ter-mile visibility -- water-mile visibility -- quarter-mile visibility. a little cooler in san jose. everything is pointing towards
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the sea breeze as that system right there churns an gets closer and closer to the pacific most. that will allow the fog to lift an it will start heats inland. about 4 to 8 degrees cooler away from the coast. cooling trend started for tom -- for some. it will continue tau and everybody gets in on it -- tau and everybody gets in on it -- today and everybody gets in on it tomorrow. clearlake, 94, fairfield, danville, 88. i think after tau we'll have 80s for the -- today we'll have 80s for the valley. more fog and cooler weather. it goes right into the weekend an probably early next week as well -- and probably early next week as well. happening now, a judge
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sentenced casey anthony to four years in prison but due to time served she will likely go free early this morning or later this month. we'll have reaction at 7:122 in a live report -- 7:2 in a live report from orlando. there's also talk about her having to pay some fines. we just learned the average salary increase this year for white house members
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good morning. low clouds. plenty to go around. there are plenty 6 breaks. it will be sunny -- plenty of breaks. it will be sunny, breezy. temperatures are beginning to come down. 7:14. in just about an hour, a high- stakes negotiation gets underway at the white house. the president an congressional leaders try to -- and congressional leaders try to broker a deal to raise the debt ceiling. scott macfarlane
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the attorneys are now calculating her time served in order to subtract that from the final sentence here. but i want to take you out now
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to the -- out-- outside the courthouse. i want to show you what that looks like. if you look behind me, you can see people gathering. the crowd is pretty well behaved. for the most part, there is a lot of media, a lot of police officers, orange county sheriff deputies, just making sure that nobody gets crazy out here after what has been an astonishingly nutting ride for the casey anthony trial. >> jessica, have we hear from the jurors yet? >> reporter: we hear from jurors null and number 3. jurors number 3 giving an interview to abc about the jurors who felt sick who said
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casey anthony probably did have something to do with her daughter's death but could not find thest in the case. we also heard from juror number 2, the juror talked about the timing of how the jury reached this verdict saying that right off the bat, they agreed that she was a liar on all four counts but they could not find the evidence of premeditation on the murder charge. that then allows them to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter. at that point, on tuesday, he tells the paper they were deadlocked 6-6 on manslaughter. it took just hours, though, for the rest of the jurors, the six who did not believe the evidence was there to convince the other six of their point of view an then we got the unanimous verdict. fascinating look inside that jury room. >> thank you for that live update from orlando, -- update from orlando. thank you. we want to check in with
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sal. >> the candlele stick park area, that ramp is down to one lane because of a trailer that broke down. there it is in the right lane. chp just toll you it's gonna be out there for at least another hour. at some point they might have to shut this ramp completely and again traffic already backed up. it could be backed up toothier street in the candle stick park ar ya. i would advise using 280. 280 is also taking a beating. people have heard about this an they will be on it as well. this is a sig-alert. it will be out hear for a little bit. look at that -- it will be out there for a little while. look at that traffic. the westbound bay bridge going the other day -- way, not so bad. if you are driving other places in san francisco, remember, northbound highway 1 is not affect by this, so there is the accident on the map.
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the 80 extension -- the 280, extension still looks good. let's go to steve. even with sunshine tau, there will be a sea brie -- today, there will be a sea breeze. there is a lot more fog. it's filled in ul up and down the coast. it extend -- it fills up. livermore/san jose 61. west wind from sfo, the golden gate. almost out to sacramento. everybody is -- everything is falling into place. the southern edge of that, we'll start to lift the fog. still warm for some. but 60s and 70s, closer to the coast. temperatures should come down about 3 to 5 degrees. we'll continue that into tomorrow and then i don't think much will change. it will level 0 on -- level off an we'll keep it there in the -- and we'll keep it there in
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the week. sfo looks at new ways to cut down on delays. that could be good news for two other airports. >> reporter: we're live in la fayette where crews are making great progress on a water main break. we'll tell you who it is affecting and when they expect to wrap it up. and what customers can expect to find at san francisco's grand hyatt.
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crews are working to restore water -- restore dozens of homes with water. this happen at village center and tara moriarty is live to let us know howl people are without waterrant when that could change -- water and when that could change. >> reporter: good morning. within the next three hours we're toll this rupture shue be repair -- should be repair. that really big pipe below the plastic one, that's the crack right there that you can see where it's kine of bumping up -- kine of bumming up. crews are getting ready to get this portion over here. they will be inserting that into the section to try to take care of the problem. now, crews here tell us this is
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an eight-inch cast pipe that ruptured. the water pressure blew a huge hole in the yard. a house was loaded. the homeowner says he's just moved here from seattle and all of his moving boxes are flooded. >> the fire department was helpful. we tried to keep the water from coming in the grave. >> reporter: now, this huge hole created in the ground, some of it was removed by crews. you can see all of the mu scattered lieuout -- mudd scattered lieuout the -- mud scattered lieuout the roadway. they should be opening within the next lee hours. we're live in la fayette.
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ktvu channel 2 news. 7:3. vallejo police want your help now, they are trying to track down a robbery suspect. take a look at the opinions photo. police say the -- at the surveillance photo. if you recognize the man in this picture call vallejo police. an investigation is underway into the death of an earl woman in santa cruz county -- of an elderly woman in santa cruz county. she died in a collision with a skateboarder. she was on her daily walk and police say a large truck stopped for her as she stepped into the bike lane to cross the street. that's when a 17-year-old on a skateboard slammed right into her. strangely enough, the victim's husband says she's been afraid of skateboards ever since she was hit in the head with one 15
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years ago. >> she's very strong -- been together very long. i really miss her. >> the santa cruz county district attorney is investigating the accident. no charges have been filed yet. the man san francisco police say stole a picasso sketch may have been caught on video. this is video near the union square art gallery. police say the man in the video resembles the suspect description and it appears he has a painting unhis arm. the painting -- under his arm. the painting was stolen tuesday morning. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. you can get another look at 1 in the "right now" section. investigator control will
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try to get dash vector will try to get rid of the mosquitoes today an do fogging. the fogging comes after mosquitoes prosecute area tested positive for the west nile virus. well, google's plan to build two private bridges over steven's creek is running into opposition. now, these bridges are for employee shuttles that would effect the google campus with nasa aims. they would -- city council is not too happy with either option. google is expected to give a final description of this project by the enof the month. well -- end of the month. well, san francisco's hyatt is about to complete the second phase of a $70 million renovation. by the enof next month, the renovation of the new grand club suites as well as meeting
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spaces will be finished. the 630 guest rooms were updated during the first phase. the whole project is expected to be finished next year. a dispute over sewage operations in marin county is now getting national attention. an article in" the with the journal "talks about this. just last month, a civil gan jury issued a report slamming the -- a civil a -- a -- a civil grand jury issued a report slamming this. hercules did enter into the agreement for the stadium. but the city was not able to buy the land from the stadium.
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now, hercules says it's owed $450,000 from big league dreams, the company that would have built the stadium. 7:36. sal's been busy. >> yeah. >> major problems in san francisco and you still have to watch the toll plaza and everything el -- everything else. >> yeah, we have it here. we have a look at this map here. i want to let you know that there is a truck accident. it's a ramp that has been closed or -- a ramp -- lanes have been close on the ramp. let me say it again. lanes are closed on a ramp in san francisco eastbound 0 in san francisco. we -- 80 in san francisco. we do have live pictures that we're getting here from our photographer on the scene. if you can go to b of a in the control room, east 80. there we go. these are live pictures.
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there you go. east 80, right before 101. so this is northbound 101 leeing up to east 80. there's only one lane left on the ramp. look at -- at all of the freeway traffic. the traffic is back up all the way to candlestick park. this is an incredible backup. if you want to get on the bay bridge and head out of town, come to downtown san francisco via 280 and get on at first street or one of the other ramps there. don't get on on 101. this is the within bay bridge. that traffic will be backed up for about a five minute delay. look at san jose. 280 northbound getting into the west valley. very slow. 101 might be a better bet. been traffic in hayward is busy
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from a street to fremont an then this morring, highway 4 backed up all the way up to con court. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. plenty 6 low clouds around. the pog is on the coast -- the fog is on the coast. temperatures will be coming down. they started yesterday. they are still warm. there's still some mid-60s already. a lot of 50s. san rafael was down there. napa, it wasn't -- if it wasn't for the breeze it would be cooler. the sea breeze is showing every sign of picking up. the big dome of high pressure is moving. it lightnings -- it looks like it will settle in around missouri, nebraska and park it. some fog on the golden gate. the hot weather is moving out. about 3 to 5 degrees cooler for inlan areas. the coast came down and the inland areas will continue to
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drop into the week. low clouds, sunny, breezy. it will be warmer for some. clearlake usually takes another day or two to cool down. 81 sonoma. 7 petaluma. that's down from 10. 87 now walnut creek. castro valley, 78. low to mid-80s for many in the santa clara. did go up to 90 in girl ray but -- gilroy but i think it will be light. the pineal space shuttle mission -- final space shuttle mig is scheduled to launch tomorrow. but the last lift-off could be key lay -- delayed. jim spellman is at the conditiondy space center. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning.
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the weather could definitely push back the launch. if they can't get it off the ground tomorrow, they will try again on saturday. it really is significant. it just brings to an end such a major period of nasa history. take a look. the shuttle program has defined american space travel for a generation. >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: so far, the five shuttles have taken 355 astronauts in space, builting the international space station. twice their triumphs turn to tragedy, in 2003 when columbia broke up in reentry in 1986 when challenger exlowed just after lift-off. >> we'll never forget them, nor the last time we saw them.
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>> the final mission will take four astronauts into space for 1 days where they will deliver spies to the international space station. >> we're delight to be here. >> the space shuttle program come to an end with, a vehicle -- vehicle 0 take humans up there is still year's a -- years away. >> we're taking steps today for human space explore afor years to cull. exploration for years to come. >> reporter: until then, it
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will be a big void in the space program. tori? >> all right. jim spellman for us live in cape canaveral, florida. noster city may not be able to -- foster city may not be able to afford another 4th of july celebration. the city spent almost 70,000 for the festival and has received only 3,000 in donation and another 14,000 from the lions club which operated a parking operation. the city solicited help from sponsors but so far no response. coming up -- we'll go to london where hundreds of fans are up the spell of harry potter. an shopping habits and how banks and credit card companies have pown a new way to make money. have found a new way to make money. p r
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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stocks rising after data showed an improvement mountain labor market a's of the monthly payroll -- ahead of the monthly payroll report. right now, the dow is currently up 9. nasdaq is up 33. -- 89. nasdaq is 733. bank an other companies have a new way to get money. those company that know what stores you shopped, they will sell that information. when the customers shop there, the banks get paid. it's usually an aop -- an on the-out -- an opt-out program. general motors is offering
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a feature to new car buyers. new car buyer in washingtonnant orie again will receive one year's coverage that includes liability and business damage. the policy exceed this. mechanical lifts are out. a mu park garage is in. -- a new parking garage is in. the city has granted permits por the construction of a -- for the construction of a two- level garage that's across the street from the main garage. the lot has been used for car dealership overload parking. the owner had previously proposed a controversial car lift and valet system at first for customers and then for employees. a truck packed with chemicals triggered a fire at a trailer storage penalty in sacramento. look at the plumes of black smoke shooting into the sky.
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several nearby businesses were evacuated. three people were treated after beating in some these fumes. iron -- breathing in some of these fumes. sacramento reduced the size of its hazmat team for budget reasons. a spectacular lightning storm, this one here in phoenix, arizona. it comes right after that giant dust storm. residents say he saw several large bolts of lightning. they unusual weather. it started, though, with this dust storm which was at least 100 miles long. people are still cleaning up the mess left behind. check out these pictures. high winds toppled down trees on to power lines an homes. there were also plenty -- and homes. there are also plenty of power lines down. one of the bay area activists would tried but
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failed to deliver humanitarian eight in the gaza strip will come back home. the ship remains in athens, greece. it was turned back by the grieb coast guard when it tried to challenge the -- greek coast guard when it try to challenge. 7:4. the ntsb investigating a gun arrest in san bernardino county at ontario airport. the security found a loaded gun. this was the fourth gun found at that airport during the screening. guns are allowed but they have to be loaded, packed 234 a locked container and you have to make it known to the airline. police say 4-year-old lavar
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washington distracted a police officer and made him flip his patrol car. police say washington became violent when they tried to arrest hill and that he threatened to hurt him. bail is at 1 set at 3 0,000 -- 3 0,000 -- 3 20,000. is day two of the jury selection in the perjury trial of roger clemens. now, the judge is hoping to find 12 jurors an four alternates by early next week. there's roger clemens there. some of the biggest names in baseball may take the witness
7:51 am
stand. thely clues, barry bonds, mark mcgwire, sammy sosa, david cone. >> it's at the wall. it is out of here! >> way out of here. yet night for nate. he -- great night for nate. he hit his second home run of the might. the giant won 6-5 over the padres. that game inned late last night. now they wrap up the series and the as beat the mariners, 2-0, jade -- yesterday. take a look. ouch. >> oh! >> yeah, tori. >> this is a picture from the santa rosa press democrat. that's j.t. henley. he has a shiner.
7:52 am
he's a dentist from rohnert park. a black eye but he was not seriously hurt in that accident at at&t park tuesday night. another man was hit in the shin and we saw the woman hit in the head with an injury. she was taken to the hospital. nine minutes before 8:00. london has fallen under the spell of harry potter. right now hundreds of fan fans are caption -- fans are -- fans are camping -- camping out. some fans have been out there since last week. >> i came down early to get like the best spot possible. this is an end of an era. >> the movie opens next friday in the u.k. and also in the u.s. 7:52. your car breaking down on the highway is less of a problem
7:53 am
for drivers in san mateo and santa clara counties. the bay area's freeway service patrol which helps out disabled drivers has expanded to a 0- mile segment along interstate -- 20 miles segment along interstate 280. two trucks will be driving along 280 between highway 92 and 85. they will be out there between 6:00 and 9:00 in the morning. they will be out there mon through friday hopefully -- monday through friday, hopefully, you won't need them. a bay area police department mourns the loss of a popular sergeant. the mystery that surrounds his death. >> also a change for caltrains will be considered today after several tragedies on the track.
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7:55 am
police in mill valley are mourning the loss of a sergeant who died after returning home from an overnight shoot. he was an eight-year veteran of
7:56 am
the department who had recently been promoted to sergeant. the cause 6 death is still not known -- the cause of date is still not known. his fellow officers say he appeared healthy when he showed up for his shift last knight. the pentagon says it will apply with a pearl ruling to immediately end the don't ask, don't tell policy. the ruling from the 9th circuit court of appeal orders the obama administration to moodily end enforcement on the ban on -- immediately end enforcement on the ban. the pentagon is expected to certify the chain this summer. 7:56. today, caltrain will consider installing cameras on the front and back of its trains. 11 people were hit ankied by caltrains so far this year -- and killed by cal so far this year. they say the cameras will help.
7:57 am
the framework for an all- electronic tolling system on the golden gate bridge could be decided today. the system could be in place as soon as next year. today is the second day of the national women's conference in oakland. the four-day event kicked off yesterday with a gospel conference at the church. today there will be a health screening and job fair, which women can attend for free. >> anyone can come an they can get screening, medical screenings and they can apply for jobs. >> this goes from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it will feature safeway, walgreens an aarp. the officials say the purpose of the conference is to empower
7:58 am
women by -- empower women. a summer series of outdoor meetings starts tonight. the waterfront movies will be shown on a giant inplatable describe at sundown every other thursday until september 9th. the movies are free, too. but doe mays will be accepted to benefit various foo organizations, nonprofit. tonight's movie is "julia and julia." future screenings will benefit the alameda county food bank. >> they seem to be having a food theme for the movies. let's check in with sal telling us more about the problems in san francisco and elsewhere. >> right how,en in 101 rave is -- right now, 101 traffic is terrible. right before the 7th street exit. this trailer is going to have to be hauled off to 7th street.
7:59 am
right now traffic is very slow on northbound 101 approaching the 0 split. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's light. contra costa, accident, walnut creek, southbound 680 at treat boulevard. it's very slow there. let's go to steve. we'll pick it up are there. we just learned about a break in the case of the stolen picasso sketch. and new information on a deadly shooting with the police an one story that is sure to fuel controversy. >> reporter: we're live in la fayette where crews have hit a big of a snag trying to repair a water main break. a debt i.v. is on the scene -- a detective is on the skoon of that shooting. we'll tell you the latest details about the
8:00 am
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's thursday, julyth -- july 7th. breaking news coming from
8:02 am
san francisco. police say they have arrested a suspect in that picasso sketch burglary. take a look. this is video of nearby surveillance cameras of a man police say matches the suspect's description. right now, we don't know if this is the man that police just arrested. a $00,000 sketch was stolen from a -- that $200,000 sketch was stolen yesterday. we'll get more information around 10:00. we'll bring you an update on ktvu news at noon an we're all on at our -- and we're always on at our website. park police are looking fors root now on a popular hiking -- right now on a popular hiking trail. christian cast ton is live with the very -- christien kafton is live with the very latest. >> reporter: garning.
8:03 am
an inspector just -- good morning. an inspector just arrived. you can see the area still taped off. investigators still working the scene and still closing off that air -- this area of the park at this point, investigators are still looking for the shooting. now, we've been getting details about the investigation. we're toll that emergency crews responded to the delta deanza running trail about:00 last night. crews found -- about 8:00 last night. crews found a victim with a gunshot. no word on his condition at this point. we've been hearing that the victim may have been shot in the head. this -- this is the latest attack. a man was shot in may an in june, a woman was assaulted. and when a good samaritan tried to help, that person was injured as well.
8:04 am
>> i didn't even know anything had happened here. at might -- it's a little scary here at night. >> a pittsburg -- now, the pittsburg police tell us they were the first to arrive. but now the east bay park are on the scene. you can see another regional park's vehicle is joining into this scene. go be an active investigationian way. we're hearing that the detectives will be out later this morning and will be heading up the investigation. we'll bring you the latest detail. back to you. >> thank you. right now, crews are working to remove a broken water main in rafeh -- la fayette. it's at mount diablo boulevard and village center. tara moriarty is live at the scene with a look at the damaged pipe and why a -- and with a look at why the worker -- workers have hit a snag.
8:05 am
>> reporter: , the crews -- welsh the crews have to make the hole bigger there. if they rent 1 went m and try to fix it, the whole might cave in. that's dangerous. so they will have to remove more of the asphalt there. if we pan to the left there, you can see the chunk of sidewalk. they spent about two hours removing that this morning. we it el you that the east bay m.u.d. officials tell me they had to be extremely careful removing that sidewalk because there are so many other utility lines that run through here. there are electronic line, a gas line. right now, crews are getting ready to prepair an cut out that broken pipe. the water leak happened last night, cutting off water to more than 100 houses. it flooded a nearby house and the homeowner there said he just moved there from seattle and all of his moving boxes are
8:06 am
water-logged. >> i look out -- out the sliding glass door. the water was probably 5 feet deep. >> reporter: the water pressure was so intense, it blew a huge hole in the ground, using for several hours. not any mud was removed by workers. it all blew up naturally bau of the water pressure. as far as the traffic goes, we're off mount diablo boulevard. they've park -- block off one of the lanes. now that the rave is starting to slow down, things are getting a little slow around here. back to you. right now, president obama is meeting with congressional leaders at the white house righting to work out a deal on raising the nation's debt limit. coming up at 8:15. we'll have a live report on a
8:07 am
formerly tabooed subject. oak police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found at a hotel. police rushed toth street to the hotel. the woman's boyfriend report the -- aren'ted the death. they are treating this case as a possible homicide. she had scratches on her. the name of the woman has not yet been release. a man is recovering from very is serious injuries this morning after being hit by an airport shuttle van. it happened near 0 the avenue. we've been toll the man is in crit cam condition -- is in kit cal condition. one passenger was driving in the convenient -- critical condition. one passenger was driving in the van at the time. ly say they plan to release
8:08 am
surveillance video from the scene of the b.a.r.t. shooting. one woman said she saw the whole incident unfold at the civic center station. she said a man was walking toward police but not in a threatening manner. she said they shue have used their tasers on them. b.a.r.t. police say is they expect to release video. an east bay pale whats to help you find -- an east bay family wants your help. this man is missing. he's 0 years old. if you have any -- 0 years ole. if 0 -- 20 years old. if you mow anything, call police police. this man's girlfriend
8:09 am
reported -- reported him being missing on saturday. his cran was found on the street -- cell phone was found on the street. a san mateo-based nonprofit that provides collide care services is now the latest victim the state buts -- child care services is now the latest victim in the state budgets. preschool and after-school services for more than 100 children countywide will also be affect the. sal is updating a major traffic problem. what's going on? >> it's been there for a while now. northbound 101 on the kentor ramp to the eastbound -- kentor ramp to the eastbound, 28. this morning, this is a huge mess because of that truck that
8:10 am
was carrying a trailer broke the axle, east 80 gun the -- the ramp 280 from 101 -- 0 is backed up and slow all the way back to canle stick park. 280 is also slow. we would still recommend 280. if you get on downtown, it won't affect you. but if you get on -- for example, at cesar chavez, that's a bad idea today. get on on one of the ramps down down-- downtown. you can get on atth street, an -- sand let's -- you can get onth street as well. we've had very heavy traffic. northbound 101 at 85 in san jose. a two-car crash, so the south bay getting a little bit of slow traffic. 6 0 southbound at treat boulevard -- 680 been at treat boulevard. then it slows from walnut creek
8:11 am
down to alamo. 4 looks good to the tunnel. let's go to steve. >> that's a long way. >> i know. there is a big fog bank out this way. it will mean cooler weather. still some -- still some 80s and 90s. boy, did the heat wave kick in. even in san francisco, we had some upper 70s an 80s. that all inned -- and os. temperatures, 60s, 70s has the wag 1 fog has increased. i put this -- has -- has the fog making this an increase. casey anthony will stay in jail a little bit longer.
8:12 am
you can see it's quite busy down there. earlier this morning, she was sentenced four years in prison for ling to the veevs. for lying to the law enforcement officials. coming up -- new details about a deadly bear attack. what may be behind the rare tragedy at yellowstone. also -- the mourners became the target of gunfire, not far from the las vegas strip. an surviver stories from bay area fishermen caught in the disaster in baja, california.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. we have a rather extensive fog bank. it it will still be sunny an warm inland but not as -- and warm inland but not as warp as the past couple of days. 8:14. right now, a high-stake gauching as -- negotiations are underway. they are trying to work out a deal on raising the national debt ceiling. scott macfarlane is live with new signs of compromise on both sides. scott? >> yeah, meeting right now behind closed doors, the president, vice president, u.s. and senate leaders. these pictures, just in. taken before the meeting began, before the negotiating began. before they zoomed there in on the president, this was john boehner there on the right.
8:16 am
you will see machine in there along with eric canter. he's the one that shared a little bit of flexibility earlier this morning saying he did want to open the door to changes in the tax coat saying walk could consider "clothing the -- washington could consider" closing the tax loophole "talking about a possible overhaul of social security and reductions to medicare. >> we're really down to the wire. i think we're getting extremely close. i don't think -- i don't see major kiss agreements at all -- disagreements at all. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised by augustin', they are talking about a -- augustnd, they are talking about -- august 2nd, they are talking about a
8:17 am
calamity. scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. police in las vegas this morning are looking for the gunman responsible for a shooting outside of a funeral home. investigators say he oned seven people before racing -- he wounded seven people before racing away from the scene last night. all victims are expected to survive. witnesses say the shooter was mixing with mourners before he pulled out a gun and started firing. the funeral was for a young man stabbed to date on the las vegas strip last month. in malaysia, police stormed a kindergarten and tackled the man who had taken teachers an children hostages. reportedly, all of the hostages are safe. the man was armed with a machete and a malar -- and a hammer. police shot tear gas before entering the classroom. :17. a sec of yellow -- 8:17 a somebody of yellowstone park is -- a section of yellowstone
8:18 am
park is closed after a bear killed someone. park officials say the mother bear killed that man in an a-- in an attempt to defen her cubs. the details about the cubs are not known yet. this is the first fatal bear attack there in 5 years. the bears are still on the loose in that park. cleanup on the yellowstone wisher -- river continues. crews are using pads. soaking up thousands of gallons of crude oil. the because of that oil spill is still being investigated. well, many of the bay area men who survived that fishing boat accident in mexico may be'sed for san ramon as we speak. >> pam cook is in our newsroom now. she knows the very latest on what happened. >> we understand that family members of the men who went on
8:19 am
the fishing trip set up a chan post in san ramon. that's because many of them parked their cars at one house an left for mexico to the the we have video taken by the mexican navy, moments before they were rescued. you can see they are ebbs hostaged. they had to be carry -- exhausted an they had to be carried. their fishing boat capsized in a sudden and violet storm on sunday -- sunday. this man is one of the survivers. >> i'm still very hopeful as well as the dash ka he as well as the other people here -- i'm still very hopeful as well. i was in the water for 16 hours. there's still some hope. >> for many of the survivors, in the water, as he say, 16 hours. they've stayed in mexico waiting for word on the other seven men still missing. investigators there tell the
8:20 am
families a they weren't gonna continue the search. done lee of ran ramon of dublin are mon the men still missing. we're m -- are -- of the men are still missing. i'm pam cook, let's go back to tori an dave. 8:0. it happened in a --:20. it happened in a florida courtroom. >> i will sentence you to one year in the orange county jail -- >> casey anthony learns her punishment two days after a courtroom shocker. live coverage from orlando.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
just two hours ago, casey anthony learned how much more time she will have to spen behind bars. we're live from orlando with anthony's sentence for lying to investigators. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yeah, casey an hoeny was back in -- anthony was back in court this morning. looking quite different. she had her hair down.
8:24 am
spee -- she was smiling. when judge perry handed down the anyone for those four misdemeanors for lying to the list -- down the sentence for those hour misdemeanors for lying to the investigators here's what -- her mood shifted. >> i will sentence you to one year in the orange county jail, imposing a $1,000 fine on each count, all four counts, to run consecutively, giving i credit for the time you've previously served. >> reporter: we know that that time served has been 1,043 hours. the judge is sitting with the attorneys from both the prosecution and the defense and also with the advisement from
8:25 am
the department of corrections. they will try to figure out how much aisle she's already served, any good time off for good behavior and hope to know at what point she will be released from jail. but that does not mean her legal troubles are over. the state is asking the judge to require casey to repay them for the investigation. it cost them quite a bit of money for all of those investigators to search for caylee back in 2008. they don't want that to be a burden to taxpayers. a texas federal who helped in the search said they spent about $112,000. they may sue her for that man. the woman named zenaida gonzalez, she claims her life is ruined. she claims she never met caylee, casey an casey even said -- and casey even said she
8:26 am
just picked that name. so she still has a bit of legal trouble ahead of her. >> back to you. >> there is another element to this story. one of anthony's attorneys may a rather rue gesture outside of a -- rude gesture outside of a restaurant len they were celebrating -- when they were celebrating last night. any reaction to that? >> reporter: we'vany reaction to that. there's been a lot of -- people, protesters, people upset in the courthouse, in the courtroom, it seems one of many incidents an we haven't heard any -- hear anything about that. >> holly, before you go, we did see casey anthony's mother an father in the courtroom today. did they leave without saying hegg? or did they say anything? >> reporter: we're actually outside the courtroom. what we've heard, they've had
8:27 am
no contact with casey for quite some time. i'm mott sure. as we -- i'm not sure. we're outside of the courthouse here. i suspect there was no -- there was not much of a conversation. >> thank you for the update. :6. right now we want to -- 8:26. we want to check in with sal. is looks like they might be opening up the 101. they may be opening up 101. they tried 20 get -- tried to get the lanes open. they were moving -- we have pictures of it -- they were moving an they had a little problem. they are backing up the truck around the corner and one our photographers say, hey, they got stuck around the corner. let's see if we can -- if we can bring up the 101 san francisco. you can see the lane the are still closed -- lanes are still
8:28 am
closed on the 101. northbound 101 is still a big mess. let's move on to the within bay bridge plaza. the trash is -- at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is going to be light. let's go to steve. we have a lot of low clouds and fog. yesterday, the sea breeze kicked in. today, looks like a lot more 80s. yeah, we had a lot of 90s. by thunderstorms in riverside, san bernardino yesterday. a lot of 50s. you can see theby difference there in the temperature map because of that fog bank right there. the big fog bank. there's also a kell today breeze. all -- also a delta breeze. the ten-day youtube sends us
8:29 am
back down to -- the ten-day average sends us back down, back to the middle of the country, where it will be really hot and huemy. a few 90s left over. it looks like by friday things will kind of level off. it will be 60s, 70s, an 80s -- and 80s. she was held captive for 18 years. now kidnapped victim jaycee dugard has toll her what has made her the happiest since winning her freedom. >> reporter: the trail, the scene of the latest shooting. we'll have more coming up. an we'll take you live to cape canaveral -- and we'll take you live to cape cape canaveral. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
8:32 am
a man is fighting for his life after a shooting at a popular east bay hiking trail. christien kafton has been out there all morning an has the latest on what happened last night on the delta deanza trail. >> reporter: yeah, a city of pittsburg inspector is now on the scene hee. if you take a look up the path -- the scene here. if you take a look up the path, police detectives and officers just made their way down the path earlier. this area is still prestricted to outsite traffic. investigators are still look for the shooter. ktvu received a series of updates getting details about
8:33 am
this case. investigators tell ktvu that emergency crews responded to the running trail at about:45 last night -- at about 8:45 last night. the victim with a gunshot wound was stable enough to get him to a hospital. neighbors say sometimes they feel unsafe walking in the area. >> i didn't even know meg had happen here. at nighttime it's a little scary around here at night. >> it's not safe during the day. >> reporter: pittsburg police were the first to reupon. but now the -- respond. but now the regional police are heading up the case. we're just learned there will be an update to this investigation in about 30 minutes. >> thank you. it is 8:33. jaycee dugard says she
8:34 am
appreciates the freedom she now has after spenting 18 years in captivity. she's now 31 years ole. she dave her first interview -- old. she gave her firstist view. 1 ahead of her release of her book "a stolen life." she says it's hard to believe she can just walk into the next room and see her mom or go to the beach with her children. phillip garrido kidnapped her when she was 11. he was sentenced to life in prison. his wife was sentenced 36 years to life. in martinez, a man who tried to outrun police after a series of events is in critical condition this morning. he collapsed an went into cardiac arrest yesterday. just as officers were ba -- were about to take him into custody. police were call after the man started acting strangely. they say he first walked himself into a city workers car, and then he got out and began tracing a train on foot.
8:35 am
at first, the man tried to outrun police. that's when he collapsed. he's now recovering in a hospital. a burlingame couple is suing the vice mayor of that city claying the work he did was so bad it cost them an extra $500,000 to cent. now, the lawsuit claims that jerry deal and his firm overestimated the structural strength of the home when he created the design. their contractor toll hill the foundationant existing home were not strong yu to -- were not strong enough for the add digs. berkeley city council is expected to approve new rules that would headache it easier and less expensive for restaurants to add sidewalk stables. under the new rules, cafes could get a sidewalk permit for as little as $350.
8:36 am
in the pat, the permit -- in the past, the permit pro set cost $100,000 and it took three years. in a hearing begin in less than two hours on a proposed bill to abolish california's death penalty. the bill by state senator loni hancock would convert death sentences to life in parole. senator hancock says more than $4 billion of taxpayer money has been spent on this. more on this at 8:45. the use of kissibility parking placards is getting aten. this is new video of and as you can see car after car has a plaque ar. according to the dash cab
8:37 am
placard. according to the examiner, 11 of 1 vehicles had those packards last friday. a muni spokesman says drivers have to be in good hit for the job. they will look into the -- good health for the job an they will look into it further. the space shuttle mission is supposed to lift off tomorrow morning. jim spellman is live in cape canaveral, where the weather could well -- well, could mess up things. what's the very latest? >> reporter: yeah, say -- hey save. take a look at the latest there's only about a 30% chance to get "atlantis" off the ground. they don't want to rush this. they won't to make sure it's safe operating conditions. it's really so significant this ply. it brings to an end an amazing
8:38 am
era. >> from the firstmy over 30 years -- from the first mission over 30 years ago, the shuttle program has defined american space travel for a generation. >> 3, 2, 1. the five shuttles have taken 555 astronauts in place -- in space. traveling over 500 billion miles. tries their triumphs turned to tragedy in 1986 and 19 -- 2003. the final mig will take four astronauts all of them shuttle veterans into -- mission will take four astronauts, all of them shuttle veterans. >> we're just delighted to be here after a very -- a very arduous nine-month training
8:39 am
flow. the -- the shuttle comes to an en. a new vehicle capable of taking humans into astronauts is being built. >> we're mott ending human spaceflight. we're recommitting ourselves to it an taking necessariant difficult steps today to ensure -- to ensure this for years to come. >> reporter: the multi-purpose vehicle, that will be years before that's in february. in the short term we'll be hitching a right on the russian -- ride on the russian space program. back to you. >> all right. jim spellman for us live at cape canaveral, florida. thank you. 8:39. we want to check in again with sal, get an update on the
8:40 am
commute. any news on the situation on 101? >> yeah, 2 turned out to be bad news. the truck got stuck. they tried to move it. let's go right to the photographer looking at this. northbound 101, to eastbound 80. they are just up the freeway there. they tried to move it an then it broke down again. this is a double wide office trailer that had a broken axle. so they had to put it up on a couple of different tow trucks. just as they were making the corner turn. 101 is still back up to one lane getting on to the 80 split. 101 is back the up as far as can'tle stick park. it's a terrible delay. use 280 in in-- use 80 instead. the traffic has been a little bit slow. southbound 680 at treat boulevard. i was gonna -- i was gonna talk
8:41 am
about that. let's get up to highway 17. i haven't figured out why northbound 280 has been pretty slow getting up into the valley. 101 is will pretty slow. let's go to the maps. southbound 6 0. that accident is still there and mow we're hearing b.a.r.t. delays, out to contra costa. p you are a contra costa some muter, you can still -- commuter you can still take b.a.r.t. in the city. let's go to steve. good morning. we have a little bit more in the way of clous an fog. there's -- clouds and fog. this pattern started yesterday. the fog was held in check by high pressure. it's lifted now and i think it will be getting up a couple of thousand feet. low clouds, near the coast an then fog, sun for the bay
8:42 am
inland areas still warm. it started yesterday with the sea breeze. a lot of tropical clouds re-- erupt over the sierra. had some into issues down to riverside county. some of that high cloudiness could filter in towards the santa clara county. the 70 already in fair feel. 53, santa rosa. they were down to 50 this morning. so 50s, 60s and here's the reason why. that's a big fog bank there. there is not only an onshore win, but when it makes it out to vacaville, which it did, that's a sign things are changing. the reason being a system from the gulf of alaska. but it takes a few days to get this high-pressure system and bump it along an i've seen outlooks that move it right in the middle of the country. low clouds, sunny, breezy. back to average on the
8:43 am
temperatures. cooler inland temperatures continue. but still holding on a few locations to the 90s. it will take tomorrow and saturday probably some time. danville, san ramon. 8. pretty good breeze picking out. -- kicking out. 6 berkeley. temperatures have been extremely tough this week. forecast models have mott had a good handle -- have not had a good handle on it. hear's a lot of fog out there -- there is a out there. and the temperatures will be 60s, 7s and 80s -- 70s and 80s as we head to the week. a mu plan to end the death penalty -- a new plan to enthe death penalty. and the new job elizabeth smart is taking that's gonna put her in the spot --
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
taking a live look at the big board on wall street, numbers are higher this morning. right now, the dow is up at 1,705. the nasdaq is 7, 33.
8:47 am
s&p -- 733. s&p up. 418,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits. that's down 14,000 from the week before. continuing claims also fell by 43,000. now 3.6 million people overall are receiving unemployment%. this is fueling speculation that tomorrow'sby monthly jobs report will provie more evidence of an improving labor picture. more good knew, retailers are reporting new numbers. gap's sale were up 1% in june. total sale rose 5%. target will same-store sale jumping at much as 8%. our time is 8:4769 let's bring you up to date -- 8:47. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories --
8:48 am
casey anthony has just learned she will get out of jail next wednesday. this just in. the judge sentenced her to lying to investigators. she's going free for tie served and coo behavior -- time served and good behavior. she will get out next wednesday. and the fishermen, many of the bay area survivors are head for san ramon right now. repair crews are working on a broken water main in la fayette. about 100 customers still have no water this morning. the problem started last night right there at the intersection of mount dean blow -- mount diablo boulevard. the u.s. supreme court is considering whether to stop the execution of a mexican citizen scheduled to take place tonight
8:49 am
m texas. the man was sentenced 20 death for the kidnapping, rain -- rape and mur of a 16-year-old girl of a -- the mexican government says the u.s. violate an international treaty by not telling him a he had the right to -- that he had the right to contact the mexican consulate. the death penalty will be the focus of one hearing today. and if one local lawmaker gets her way, it would be gone. loni hancock is the author of the bill an is joining us live. thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. >> why are you preeing -- proposing this in the first place? what's your motivation? >> well, two things happened in california within the last month. i sat on the state committee and watched us cut the heart
8:50 am
out of our education system. higher education, law enforcement. all of the things that people rely on for safe, secure, communities an opportunity in california. an then judge k. >> hn. an judge mitchell released their stunning report. showing that the dallas/fort worth in california has been an expensive failure -- showing the -- showing that the death penalty in california has been an expensive failure. during the time we've had the death penalty, we've executed 13 people, while 714 people sit on death row and cost the people of california $184 million, that's money that could be spent by putting police on streets, to keep our communities safe -- safe. having ourkies be able to go to -- our kids be able to go to
8:51 am
college. all of it it. my bill would put before the voters of california, the proposition a we would replay the death penalty with life -- the proposition that we would re replace the don't without the -- with life in prison -- the death penalty without the possibility of parole. >> will your plan save money if they stay in prison for life. will that save more money in the long run. >> it will. it costs about $90,000 a year more per -- per prisoner to have someone on death row with the long series of constitutionally guaranteed appeals, and -- an being on death grow -- on date grow with
8:52 am
a great security. so the total bill to the taxpayers every year is $184 million. you can sena lot ofkies to college -- send a lot of kids to college. you can keep a lot of streets on the -- police on the streets. i represent communities that knee and want police on the streets. my grandchildren are growing up in these communities. i think this is the time for the people of california to really look, whether we can have swift, sure an serious punishment -- and serious punishment that will also allow us to sell -- help our scholars. >> and the hearing will be taking place today. it will be a very interesting debate. thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. 8:5. breaking news. just five minutes ', we got word that a british tabloid caught in a phone-hacking
8:53 am
scandal will publish its last issue on sunday. there have been protests against news of the world outside of the british pierliment. this is -- parliment after it was determined that the tabloid hacked into phones. >> we'll fine out this was not just the news of the world. i almost feel sorry for them. they are taking the rap for the malprackties for -- malpractices of the entire industry. >> there's also word that they paid police officers for information on scream series. again we're hearing that james murdoch says the paper will publish its last ion sunday. a mu report indicates that many of president obama's staff got raises last year. 54% of white house staffers received raises. the average pay raise was 8%.
8:54 am
that's a lot more than the 3% raise most americans gave their employees. the white house salary went down to 37.1 million. we're now hearing that elizabeth smart has sign a teal 1 deal with abc news to be an on-air comment staters. a spokesperson says she will focus on missing childrensant child an duction cases. they say -- abduction cases. she will be on the air in a few weeks. she was kidnapped when she was 11 years ole. she was help -- old. she was held captive for 18 years. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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8:57 am
welcome back. someone at hilton hotels may have had a lot of sometime to think about summer vacations. there is a new survey that shows 36% of americans would take a free vary kay with their boss. only 14 -- vacation with their loss -- with their boss. half said they wouldn't do it. the same survey shows 15% of travelers would rather spend ten hours on a plane with crying children than drive ten hours with no music or entertainment. 50% preferred that sweet sound of silence and a long drive. >> all right. probably not too much silence
8:58 am
on 101 there with all of the track there, sal. >> i want to show. eastbound 80 ramp, two lanes close for that truck accident. we'll stay with this camera. he just showed us the backup, east 80 still righting to get that -- trying to get that trailer out of there. let's go to steve. some fog, low clouds will give way to sunshine. it loans line we've broken the heat wave an it will stay that way for the weekend and beyond. >> thank goodness. >> i know, tori. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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